2018 Holiday Gift Guide
2018 gift guide.jpg

The holiday season is fast approaching and I thought it would be fun to put together a selection of the best giftable items from the shop. I’ve created and curated some really cool stuff this year!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2k17

Mother's day is May 14th this year, and that means right now I am shopping for the perf collection of presents for my mama. I really love curating gift 'experiences' so I tend to get a couple of items with similar colour stories or themes. Here's some of my fave items from my studio and elsewhere online!

  1. Blue Sky Ceramic Cup

  2. Moroccan Rose Milk Bath

  3. Rose Gold Druzy Stud Earrings

  4. Faux-Suede Criss-Cross Sandals

  5. Coolest Mom Card

  6. Coconut Milk Mango Glass Candle

  7. Horizon Ring Bowl

  8. Ocean Flamingo Splash Jar

  9. Mother I love You Card

  10. Metallic Rose Gold Heart Bag