About Us

Not Magic is a studio and a shop and a concept.

We’re here for people who deeply appreciate simplicity, beauty, and authenticity.

We’re here to elevate your life through mindfully curated fashion and independent design.

In the words of renowned designer Charles Eames,

“Art Resides in the quality of doing, process is not magic”



The Not Magic ethos is rooted in artful minimalism.

Our mission is to bring beauty into the world,

And to help more people experience the joy of living an intentional & artful life.

The Not magic style is playful, yet timeless. Bold, yet minimal. Artful, yet accessible.

We look at design with an emphasis on personal style, unique sensibilities, and pure excitement.

We see beauty in imperfection. We see beauty in the process of making. We see beauty in the people who make.

Contrary to trend-chasing culture, we invite you to consider the value of shopping mindfully and intentionally.